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Tauroctony of Alba Iulia with collared dog

This relief of Mithras killing the bull from Apulum, now Alba Iulia, Romania, contains several scenes from the Mithras legend.
Tauroctony of Alba Iulia

Tauroctony of Alba Iulia

The New Mithraeum
23 Oct 2023

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Monuments found at Apulum, but their exact findspots are unknown. Relief in sandstone (H. 1.20 Br. 1.00 D. 0.08), found in the ruins of Apulum Julia (= Gyula Fehervar = Karlsburg).

Formerly in the Bathyani Library. Now Alba Julia, Muzeul Regional. Inv. No. 204/II.

Köppen, Nachricht, 10, VII and Pl. I; de Hammer, Mithriaca, 87,8 and Pl. VI; Müller, Mithras, fig. 18; Lajard, Basrel. Trans., 62 f. and Pl. I,2; Intr., XCVI, 2; MMM II 310f No. 192bis and fig. 168; Cserni, 338 fig. 44. See fig. 513.

The relief is divided into three parts by two horizontal rims. In the centre Mithras in

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