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Tauroctony of Sárkeszi

In this relief found in the Sárkeszi Mithraeum, Cautes and Cautopates hold an Amazon shield.
Tauroctony of Sárkeszi

Tauroctony of Sárkeszi
Ferenc Gelencsér 

The New Mithraeum
9 Jan 2024

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Rectangular limestone slab with a rounded top, dating from the end of the 2nd century AD, measuring 48.5 x 56 x 10.5 cm. The centrepiece of the slab is an arched niche depicting the scene of Mithras slaying the bull. In the image, the god is dressed in long trousers and a long sleeved tunic over which is draped a chlamys fastened with a round-shaped brooch. On his head he wears a Phrygian cap and is depicted looking upwards.

Mithras is flanked by two figures: Cautes, slightly to the right, and Cautopates with crossed legs. Both figures are dressed in oriental clothing and each holds an Amaz…

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Mithraeum of Sárkeszi

The Sárkeszi mithraeum is unusual for its large dimensions and its semicircular eastern wall.

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This is one of the altars erected by Septimius Valentinus, in this case, to the transitus of Mithras.