Mitreo della Planta Pedis

The floor of the central aisle of the Mithraeum of the Footprint in Ostia has a mosaic depicting a snake and a footprint.
14 Jun 2009
Updated on 9 Mar 2022




  • Mithraic basin from Ostia

    Mithraic basin from Ostia
    Francesco Massa 2021 


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[The Mithraeum of the Footprint was] (Reg. III, Is. XVII, 2) constructed in a building from the Hadrian period, situated near Horrea and a Serapeum.

The part of the house transformed into a Mithraeum has two rows of three pillars, which divide the sanctuary into three sections. In the middle section runs a central-aisle between two small benches (H. 0.40 Br. 0.25), constructed against the pillars. In the right bench, before the middle pillar, is a small rectangular depression (L. 0.10) and in its base a niche (H. 0.35 Br. 0.42 D. 0.30) in which bones of fowls have been found.

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Basin with inscription from Mitreo della Planta Pedis

The dedicator of this marble basin could be the same person who offered the sculpture of Mithras slaying the bull in the Mitreo delle Terme di Mitra.

Altar of the Mitreo della Planta Pedis

The altar includes a slab with an inscription for the salvation of two emperors.

Basin of Mitreo della Planta Pedis

This marble basin found in the Mithraeum of the Footprint bears an inscription of a certain Umbilius Criton, associated with a monumental tauroctonic sculpture also found in Ostia. is powered by Enkidū