Lucius Florius Hermadion

Priest. He devoted an inscription found on the main altar of the Mitreo della Planta Pedis




He might be the same person as Lucius Flavius Hermadion who offered a Mithras rock-birth sculpture, currently located in Ireland.

Other brothers from Ostia

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Altar of the Mitreo della Planta Pedis

The altar includes a slab with an inscription for the salvation of two emperors.

Pr(o) sal(ute) Augg(ustorum duorum) / S(oli) i(nvicto) M(ithrae) / [L. ?] Florius Hermadio(n) / sacerdos s(ua) p(ecunia) f(ecit).
For the salvation of the two Augusts, to Sol invincible Mithras, [Lucius (?)] Florius Hermadion, priest, made at his own expense.

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