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Mithräum von Köln I

The Mithraeum I of Cologne is situated amid a block of buildings. It was impossible to narrowly determine its construction and lay-out.
24 Aug 2021

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Remnants of a Mithraeum discovered at Cologne (KOln) at the corner of the Richmond- and Breitestrasze in 1927.

Fremersdorf in Germania XIII, 1929, 55ff. I did not yet consult the article of H. Jacobi in Denkmalpflege und Heimatschutz (Hett 10-12), 1927, 160ff; in general: H. Schmitz, Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippensium, Köln 1956, 133. The monuments are in the Romisch-Germanisches Museum at Cologne. I am greatly obliged to Prof. Fremersdorf and Dr Ziegahn for information and photographs.

The Mithraeum is situated amid a block of buildings.

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