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Inscription of Cimber and Exsocho from Cologne

This monument with an inscription by two individuals was found in the first mithraeum of Cologne, Germany.
Inscription from Cologne

Inscription from Cologne

The New Mithraeum
7 Nov 2023

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Fremersdorf in the same publication (Germania 1929, 134 No. 11) gives a copy a sepulchral inscription in limestone (H. 0.575 Br. 0.32 D. 0.08) which was found in the immediate neighbourhood of the Mithraeum.

Have / Cimber es(sedarius) et / Pietas Ensocho / essed(ario) sodali / [b]ene merenti / [pos]uit. Vale.

On the left above the word Have the copy gives COR but Fremersdorf reads COR[A]X, the first of the seven degrees in the Mithras-mysteries (cf. H. Finke in BRGK XVII, 1927 No. 366).

[...] plaque commemorative dressée par deux gladiateurs à un de leurs compagnons :


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