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Fronto Leveius

Fronto Libens

He offered an altar within the Astures community.

  • Ara dedicada a Mitra de San Juan de la Isla (Asturias)

    Ara dedicada a Mitra de San Juan de la Isla (Asturias)
    Universidad Carlos III de Madrid 

of Fronto Leveius


It is impossible to determine Fronto's socio-economic status, but he seems to have enjoyed a free status, of local origin.

Fronto offers his altar in the presence of the pater patrum of the community and all the initiates of the fourth degree, the lions. In other words, the local Mithraists are perfectly organised and Fronto seeks a place of integration or empowerment in this community.

Fronto, a native of wherever he was from, could be a well-travelled and educated merchant who, at one point in his life, decides to make an offering in a mithraeum that has existed for a long time.

—Mitra en Hispania, 2021.


Lápida mitráica de San Juan de la Isla

TNMM 196

The monument of San Juan de la Isla (Asturias) devoted to Mithras was preserved in the portico of the main church until 1843.

Ponit Inv/icto Deo / Au(gu)sto. Po/nit lebien/s Fronto / aram Invi/cto Deo Au/(gu)sto. F(ronto) Leveiu/s ponit, pr(a)e/sedente p[a]/[t]rem patr[um] / [c]um leon[ibus]/ M(onumentum) [h(oc)]
Erects it to the Unconquered God Augustus. Erects, willingly, Fronto, the altar to the Unconquered God Augustus. Fronto Leveius, erect this monument which presides over the father of fathers with the lions



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