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Dedicated a sculpture of Mithras killing the bull in the 4th mithraeum of Aquincum together with Marcus.

  • Exterior of the Mithraeum of Symphorus and Marcus

    Exterior of the Mithraeum of Symphorus and Marcus
    Csaba Szabó 

  • Tauroctony of Aquincum

    Tauroctony of Aquincum 

of Symphorus

TNMP 155

Although the legal status of Symphorus is uncertain, it can be pointed out that he bears a Greco-Oriental sounding name, which is well attested among slaves and freedmen in Rome. It is therefore likely that he should be attached to one of these social categories.

—Latteur, 2010.


Mithraeum IV of Aquincum


The Mithraeum of Symphorus and Marcus, in Óbuda, Budapest, has been restored to public view in 2004 and, while well presented, it has been heavily restored.

Tauroctony of Symphorus and Marcus from Aquincum

TNMM 526

This sculpture of Mithras killing the sacred bull bears an inscription that mentions the donors.

[Sy]mphorus et M(arcus).
Symphorus and Marcus.



    francesca salvador

    Mi spiegate perché mettete dei volti attuali in un sito di archeologia mitra ?
    Grazie. Francesca


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