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Probably an slave that dedicated an altar to Arimanius in Aquincum.

  • Altar of Libella

    Altar of Libella
    Andreu Abuín 

of Libella

TNMP 120

Libella, probably a slave, held the grade of Lion (Leo), the most common in Mithraic epigraphy after that of Father (Pater). He offers this small altar in a Mithraeum, as is suggested by the verb dicare ('to dedicate'). This action is accomplished for his 'brothers' (fratres), who would either have been fellow worshippers at the same grade as Libella, or more generally members of his religious community. Lions regularly identify themselves as such in inscriptions - which reveals a specific status, if not a central one, between Father, at the top of the ladder, and Ravens, at the bottom. During Mithraic ceremonies, they ensured the purification of the space with incense and fire, or even occupied themselves with food preparation. Other Lions are also named in the epigraphy of Aquincum.

—Ádám Szabó (2021) The Mystery of Mithras. Exploring the heart of a Roman cult


Altar of Libella, Budapest

The dedicant of this altar to the god Arimanius was probably a slave who held the grade of Leo.

TNMM 403

Deo Arima/nio Libel/la leo / fratribus / voto dic(avit).
To the god Arimanius, Libella, a Lion, dedicated this as promised for his brothers.



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