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Lucius Antonius Menander

He was from Aphrodisias in Caria, where he erected a relief depicting Mithras killing the bull.

  • Tauroctony of Vratnitsa

    Tauroctony of Vratnitsa
    Ubi Erat Lupa / Ortolf Harl 

of Lucius Antonius Menander

TNMP 241

Lucius Antonius Menander was from Aphrodisieus in Caria. His cognomen Menander is Greek and his nomen Antonius is from the distinguished Roman plebeii family of Antonius. He was probably a freed man who got his nomen from his previous owner. Stating the place of origin was very common among the freed. Given the fact that a word Aphrodisieus was carved in Greek with epsilon instead of a Latin U, it is assumed that the stonemason was a foreigner or Lucius Antinius Menander was a dedicant and a stonemason for the statue at the same time.



Tauroctony of Vratnitsa

TNMM 701

This relief of Mithras as a bullkiller found at Vratnitsa, near Lisicici in northern Macedonia, was signed by a certain Menander Aphrodisieus.

L(ucius) Antonius Menander Aphro/disieus invicto / aug(usto) v(otum) f(ecit).



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