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Marcus Porcius Verus

Procurator of the emperor, Porcius Verus erected a relief of Mithras found in Ruše, Slovenia..

  • Tauroctony of Ruše

    Tauroctony of Ruše
    Wilhelm Kubitschek via 

of Marcus Porcius Verus

  • Marcus Porcius Verus was a syndexios.
  • Active c. 235 – 240 in Ruše.

TNMP 244

Of a total of five Mithras reliefs of approximately the same size, only the donor of this is known. Marcus Porcius Verus was a procurator who exercised his office around 235/240 and donated an inscription for Iuppiter, luno, Minerva, Sarapis, lsis and other gods in Szabadegyháza.



Tauroctony of Ruše

TNMM 710

This relief of Mithras tauroctonus and other finds were discovered in 1845 in Ruše, where a Mithraeum probably existed.

M(arcus) Porcius / Verus / proc(urator) Aug(usti) / me / pos/uit.
Marcus Porcius Verus, Procurator of the Emperor (or Augustus), placed.



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