Lucius Cornelius Apalaustus

  • Dedication altar from Salona

    Dedication altar from Salona
    Olivier-Antoine Reÿnès 



Lucius Cornelius Apalaustus inscribed a small altar for the health of his friend Marcus Vivius Crestus.

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Mithraic exvoto of Dalmatia

The altar that now stands in Split was dedicated to Invincible Mithras for the health of a dear friend.

D(eo) inv(icto) Mlithrael / L(ucius) Corn(elius) Apalaus/tus pro s(atute) M(arci) Vivi / Cresti amic(i) kariss(imi) / ex voto p(osuit).
To the invincible god Mithras, Lucius Cornelius Apalaustus, for the health of his dearest friend Marcus Vivius Crestus, placed (here) as a votive.

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