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In Search Of Cyrus The Great E6 'The Origins Of Mithra'

Chapter of In Search of Cyrus devoted to the origins of the Iranian god Mithra.
Cyrus Kar
27 Aug 2023
The most in-depth film ever made about Mithra. Mithra was a God once worshiped from Rome all the way to India. He was responsible for founding two of the greatest civilizations in human history. This documentary traces Mithra's origins from a sacred oath called Hoitos to his birthplace at Srubnaya. In doing so, we also chronicle the birth of the Iranian peoples.

Showcasing Professor David Anthony

Full Cast In Order Of Appearance: Oric Basirov, Gernot Windfuhr, Parvaneh Pourshariati, Richard Foltz, Martin Schwartz, David Anthony, Linda Malcor.



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