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Geneva is the second-most populous city in Switzerland and the most populous city of Romandy, the French-speaking part of Switzerland.

Brothers active in Genava


Mithraic monuments of Genava


Altar of Firmidius Severinus from Geneva

This limestone altar bears an inscription from its donor, Firmidius Severinus, in honour of Mithras after 26 years of service in the Legio VIII Augusta.


Inscriptions of Genava

Deo invicto / genio loci / Firmidius Se/verinus mi(les) /leg(ionis) VIII aug(ustae) p(iae) f(idelis) / c(onstantis) C(ommodae) stip(endiorum) XXVI aram / ex voto pro salute / sua v(otum) s(olvit) l(ibens) m(erito). Posita / Muciano et Fabiano co(n)s(ulibus).
Firmidius Severinus, a soldier of the 8th legion of Augustus, pious and loyal to Commodus, erected this altar to the invincible god and genius of this place for his salvation after 26 years of service, following a vow he willingly fulfilled. During the consulate of Mucianus and Fabianus.

Altar of Firmidius Severinus from Geneva