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Bremenium is an ancient Roman fort located at Rochester, Northumberland, England.

Brothers active in Bremenium


Mithraic monuments of Bremenium


Tabula ansata of Lucius from Bremenium

This inscription commemorates the building of a mithraeum in Bremenium with fellow worshippers of Mithras.


Inscriptions of Bremenium

Deo invicto [[et]] Soli soc(io) / sacrum. Pro salute et / incolumitate imp(eratoris) Caes(aris) / M(arci) Aureli Antonini pii felic(is) / aug(usti) L(ucius) Caecilius Optatus / trib(unus) coh(ortis) I Vardul(lorum) cum con[sa]/craneis votum de [---] / a solo ex(s)truct[un ---213].
Consecrated to the invincible God and to Sol, his companion, for the welfare and safety of the pious, auspicious and august Caesar Marcus Aurelius Antoninus. Lucius Caecilius Optatus, tribune of the first cohort of Vardulli, with his fellow worshippers, vowed to the god to erect [this building] from the ground up.

Tabula ansata of Lucius from Bremenium