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Târgușor is a commune in Constanța County, Northern Dobruja, Romania.

Brothers active in Târgușor


Mithraic monuments of Târgușor


Tauroctony of Târgușor

This limestone relief of Mithras killing the bull bears an inscription by a certain Flavius Horimos, consecrated in a 'secret forest' in Moesia.

CIMRM 2306

Inscriptions of Târgușor

Ὣριμος / πατὴ/ρ ἀνέ/θηκε/ν.
Φλ(άουιος) Ὣριμος Φλ(αουίου) Μακέδονος οἰκονόμος κατ᾽ ἐπιταγήν / θεῷ ἀνεικήτῳ Μίτρᾳ ἀνέθηκεν εἰς ἄλσος ἀπόκρυφον. / Ε᾽θφράτῃ εὔχεσθαι ἁγνῶς. Φοῖβος Νικομηδεὺς ἐποίει.
Horimos, Father, consecrated.
Flavius Horimos, steward of Flavius Macedo, by order, to the invincible god Mithras, consecrated, in a secret forest. Adore the Euphrates with piety. Phoibos of Nicomedia made (this monument).

Horimos, the ‘Father’, dedicated this.
Flavius Horimos, the supervisor of the estate of Flavius Makedon, dedicated this to the invincible god Mithras, upon (divine) command, for a secret grove. May you pray to Euphrates in a pure manner. Phoibos of Nikomedeia made this.

Tauroctony of Târgușor