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Volsinii or Vulsinii, is the name of two ancient cities of Etruria, one situated on the shore of Lacus Volsiniensis, and the other on the Via Clodia, between Clusium and Forum Cassii.

Brothers active in Volsinii


Mithraic monuments of Volsinii


Inscription by Claudius Thermodon of Bolsena

The donor of this Mithraic inscription from Bolsena, a certain Tiberius Claudius Thermoron, is known from two other monuments.


Inscriptions of Volsinii

Soli invicto / Mitrhae(sic!) / Tiberius Claudi/us Tiberi filius / Thermodon / spelaeum cum / signis et ara / ceterisque / voti compos / dedit.
To Sol invincible Mithras, Tiberius Claudius Thermodon, son of Tiberius, offered the spelaeum with the images and the altar and everything else, in fulfilment of his vow.

Inscription by Claudius Thermodon of Bolsena