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Volubilis is a partly-excavated Berber-Roman city in Morocco situated near the city of Meknes that may have been the capital of the Kingdom of Mauretania, at least from the time of King Juba II.

Brothers active in Volubilis


Mithraic monuments of Volubilis


Altar of Meknès

Two inscriptions by Aurelius Nectoreca, a follower of Mithras, have been found in Meknès, Morocco.



Plaque of Meknès

One of the two inscriptions by Aurelius Nectoreca, a follower of Mithras, found in Meknès, Morocco.


Inscriptions of Volubilis

I(nvicto) d(eo) M(ithrae) / Aur(elius) Nectore/ga (centurio) vex(illariorum) Brit(tonum) / Volubili / agentium / l(ibens) l(aetus) merito.

Altar of Meknès

Pro salute et incolumitate imp(eratoris) Caesaris / L(ucii) Aeli(i) Aurel(ii) Commodi Pii invicti feli/cis Herculis Romani imperioque / eius Aur(elius) Nectorega (centurio) vex(illariorum) Britt(onum) / Volubili agentium sua pecunia / invicto posuit et d(e)d(icavit).
For the salvation and safeguard of the Emperor Caesar Augustus, Lucius Aelius Aurelius Commodus, pious, invincible, happy, Roman Hercules, and under his imperium, Aurelius Nectoreca, centurion of the Breton vexillation stationed at Volubilis, at his own expense, for the Invincible, has deposited and dedicated.

Plaque of Meknès