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Eauze is a commune in the Gers department in southwestern France.

Brothers active in Elusa


Mithraic monuments of Elusa


Inscriptions of Eauze

Several inscriptions to Mithras by a certain Pater Sextus Vervicius Eutyches were found in Eauze in 1768.


Inscriptions of Elusa

Deo Invict(o) / Sex(tus) Vervic(ius) / Eutyches / vestiar(ius) civ(is) / Trev(er) pater.

V/ervi/cius Eutyc/hes pa/ter.
To the Unconquered God, Sextus Vervicius Eutyches, wardrobe keeper, citizen of Treveri [and] Pater.

Vervicius Eutyches, Pater.

Inscriptions of Eauze