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Colonia Iulia Vienna Allobrogum

Vienna was the capital of the Allobroges, a Gallic people, until it was conquered by the Romans in 47 BC. It became a Roman provincial capital, conveniently located on the Rhône, then a major communication route.

Mithraic monuments of Vienna


Aion of Vienne

The relief of Aion from Vienne includes a naked youth in Phrygian cap holding the reins of a horse.



Mithréum de Vienne

Emperor Julian may have been initiated into the cult of the god Mithras at the Mithraeum of Vienne, France, according to Turcan.



Portable tauroctony of Vienna

This small white marble relief of Mithras as a bullkiller was found in the Botanical Gardens of Vienna in 1950.

CIMRM 1650

Inscriptions of Vienna

Deo Cau/te
God Cautes

Mithréum de Vienne