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Inscription on restauration of the Mitreo de Carsulae

Marble plaque with inscription of a sacerdos probatus to Sol and the god Invictus Mithras.
Plaque on the restauration of Umbria Mithraeum

Plaque on the restauration of Umbria Mithraeum

The New Mithraeum
2 Feb 2022
Updated on Sep 2023

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This marble plaque, preserved in the Castello di Montoro and dating from between 211 and 250, bears witness to a particularly original Mithraic cult in Umbria. It was found by the same time of another remarkable inscription on the creation of a leonteum (TNMM 483).

Square marble base (74x74 cm) with inscription, 150-250 CE. Currently preserved in Montoro, Castello Patrizi, private owner.

This inscription was preserved in the castle of Montoro and although there is no evidence about its find-spot, it seems possible it was found in the area nearby the castle.

Reference: Ciotti 1978

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Mitreo di Carsulae

Epigraphic monuments reveal the presence of a Mithraeum in the ancient municiple of Carsulae, in Umbria.

Inscription on a leonteum of Umbria

This plaque from Carsulae, in Umbria, refers to the creation of a leonteum erected by the lions at their own expense.