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Sextus Egnatius Primitivus

Approved priest, Augustal serf at Casuentum et Carsulae, appointed quaestor of the Augustus treasury.

  • Plaque on the restauration of Umbria Mithraeum

    Plaque on the restauration of Umbria Mithraeum

of Sextus Egnatius Primitivus

TNMP 104

[The inscription TNMM 484] is a precious document revealing how the initiates were not only involved in the construction and maintenance of their places of worship, but also in their renovation, usually made necessary by mere obsolesce, but which, in this case, was exceptionally due to the destructive effects of an earthquake. The renovation works were taken care of by sacerdos probatus Sextus Egnatius Primitivus, Sevir Augustalis in Casuentum and Quaestor Arcae Augustalium from Carsulae. It is certain that an earthquake imposed some economy on the use of materials and it is not by chance that Sextus Egnatius Primitivus had the old moulding of a statue base reused as a support for the inscription; the holes for the pegs previously used to fix the statue are still visible.


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Inscription on restauration of the Mitreo de Carsulae

TNMM 484

Marble plaque with inscription of a sacerdos probatus to Sol and the god Invictus Mithras.

Soli et invicto [deo Mithrae]. / Ex permissu san[ctissimi] / ordinis dec[ur(ionum)] / Sex(tus) Egnatius Primitivus / sacerdos probatus sevir / Aug(ustalis) Casuenti et Carsulis, / q(uaestor) arcae Aug(ustalium) designat(us) / spelaeum vi motu terrae di/ruptum ex suo omni inpen/sa refecit.
To Sol and the invincible [god] [Mithras]. With the permission of the [most] sacred order of decurions, Sextus Egnatius Primitivus, approved priest (sacerdos probatus), Augustal serf at Casuentum et Carsulae, appointed quaestor of the Augustus treasury, has restored the crypt destroyed after an earthquake, entirely at his own expense.

Mitreo di Carsulae

TNMM 485

Epigraphic monuments reveal the presence of a Mithraeum in the ancient municiple of Carsulae, in Umbria.



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