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Mitreo di Carsulae

Epigraphic monuments reveal the presence of a Mithraeum in the ancient municiple of Carsulae, in Umbria.
  • Plaque from Umbria

    Plaque from Umbria
    Les cultes de Mithra dans l'Empire Romain 

  • Plaque on the restauration of Umbria Mithraeum

    Plaque on the restauration of Umbria Mithraeum

The New Mithraeum
2 Feb 2022
Updated on 17 Sep 2023

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Carsulae was a settlement on the Via Famina. It became a municipio in the Augustan period. It was a flourishing town for a long time, as evidenced by its ruins, but was hit hard by several earthquakes, including a major one around 250. The city was abandoned, probably in the second half of the 3rd century, and has never been rebuilt since.

Related monuments

Inscription on a leonteum of Umbria

This plaque from Carsulae, in Umbria, refers to the creation of a leonteum erected by the lions at their own expense.

Inscription on restauration of the Mitreo de Carsulae

Marble plaque with inscription of a sacerdos probatus to Sol and the god Invictus Mithras.