Slave of Philopalaestrus.

  • Inscription of Steklen's altar

    Inscription of Steklen's altar
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Melichrisus's name may be esoteric, alluding to the purification of Mithraic Lions with honey (Porphyry, De antro 15).

His master, Philopalaestrus is known from AE 1919 no. 10 line 67 (Histria) to have been one of the earliest (if not the earliest) conductores of the publicum portorium Illyrici in c. 100 AD (de Laet, 1949: 204 n.4)

—Beck, 1998.

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Inscription with Cautes and Cautopates of Steklen

An unusual feature of this very ancient relief is that Cautopates carries a cockerel upside down, while Cautes carries it right-side up.

Deo / Melichrisus / P. Caragoni / Philopalaestri

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