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Aphrodisius Corneliorum

Aphrodisius, probably of Greek origin, must have been a slave of the Cornelii.

  • Dédicace à Mithra

    Dédicace à Mithra 

of Aphrodisius Corneliorum

TNMP 165

Hector Corneliorum would be a slave or oriental freedman of some family of the gens Cornelia. He appears in an epigraph corresponding to the epitaph of his wife, a free woman of 37 years, which allows us to affirm that Hector at least at some point reached freedom. Therefore it is not necessary the restitution proposed by Tantimonaco: Cornelio(rum servus).

In Icosium (Algiers), an altar contains an extraordinarily similar text, which makes the proposal of restitution (servus) unnecessary.

Mitra en Hispania



Inscription of Aphrodisius

TNMM 536

This inscription by a certain Aphrodisius was found under the old city hall of Algiers.

Mithrae / Aphrodisius / Corneliorum / v(otum) s(olvit) l(ibens) a(nimo).
To Mithras, Aphrodisius Corneliorum willingly fulfilled his vow.



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