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Sentinas Ianuarius

Pater leonum and public freedman of Sentinum.

Biography of Sentinas Ianuarius

The membership list of this cult includes two men classified as probable municipal freedmen of Sentinum. Sentin(as) Ianuarius was the high priest pater leonum recorded in Column I, Line 5, and then among the larger group of members was Sentin(as) Valentin(us) in Column II, Line 10. Besides the fact that they have the municipal gentilicium of Sentinum, their identification as ex-slaves of the town is strengthened by the presence of a current municipal slave in Column III, Line 3, Ianuarius, whose entry reads Ianuarius Sent(inatium). In fact, Bormann proposed that this slave could be the son of the pater leonum Sentin(as) Ianuarius, since the two share the same cognomen.

—Jeffrey Adam Easton (2019)


Album of Sentinum

This inscription reveals the names of 36 cultori of Sentinum, one of whom bears the title of pater leonum.

Cultores D(ei) S(olis) I(nvicti) Mithrae / patroni, prosedente C. Propertio Profuturo.

Coiedius Proculus / Ligurius Theodotus / Mussius Vindex / Coiedius Hilarianus / Sentin(as) pater leonum Ianuarius / Titius Castor / Pompe(i)us Pompeianus / Gessius Optabilis/ Ligurius Clementinus / Plotius Fortunatus / Licinius Faustus / Aetrius Romanus / Asinius Commodi[anus] / Visenn(ius) Quinqu[ennalis].

Pompon(ius) Victor / Statius Velox / Vassiden(us) Verus / Helvenat(ius) Celer / Carfan(ius) Achille(s) / Casidius Rufin(us) / Antist(ius) Benign(us) / Aetrius Irenaeus / Helven(atius) Semellin(us) / Sentin(as) Valentin(us) / lulius Victorin(us) / [Ca]ecil(ius) Sozo[n] / [---] Ve[---]d(---) / [---]t(---)

Rantif(anus) Verus / Caesoni(us) Dexter / Ianuarius Sent(inatium) / Aelius Ylas / Coied(ius) Pamphilus / Aduren(us) Theseus / Coied(ius) Auxa[n]on / menesterio / Sevio Felice.
The worshippers of the invincible god Sol Mithras to the patron president Caius Propertius Profuturus.
[list of 36 male names].
[and] the minister Sevius Felix.



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