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Callimorphus was a cashier (arkarius) of the estates of Chresimus, steward of emperors.

of Callimorphus

TNMP 196

Callimorphus, from Cesarea in Cappadocia, is known from the discovery of a Latin inscription on a column in 1888. He was the treasurer (arkarius) of the emperors' domains. According to this inscription, Callimorphus dedicated a statue or bust of the sun god to Sol Invictus Mithras, made for the salvation of Chresimus, an imperial slave and administrator of the same domains where he served. The period probably corresponds to the joint reign of Septimius Severus and Caracalla.

—Andreu Abuín, 2023.


Column of Callimorphus


Callimorphus dedicated this image of the sun god to the invincible sun 'Mythra'.

Solem / Soli invicto / Mythrae / pro salute et incolu/mitate / Chresimi Aug(ustorum) / n(ostrorum) dispensatoris / Callimorphus arkar/ius eiusdem / votum solvit / libens animo.
[This image of] Sun, to the Unconquered Sun Mithras, for the salvation and safety of Chresimus, the steward (dispensator) [of the domains] of our Emperors. Callimorphus, the arkarius (treasurer / donor) of the same [domains ?], fulfilled his vow with a willing spirit.



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