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Marcus Licinius Ripanus

Prefect, probably of Cohors II Tungrorum, who dedicated an altar to the invincible sun god Mithras in Camboglanna, Britannia.

  • Altar of Castlesteads

    Altar of Castlesteads

of Marcus Licinius Ripanus

TNMP 247

A dedicatory inscription that was found at Camboglanna Castle and dated to 201/300 proves that Ripanus was prefect. According to John Spaul, he was prefect of the Cohors II Tungrorum, which was stationed in the province of Britannia.



Altar of Castlesteads

TNMM 720

Horsley thought that, like some other inscriptions in the Naworth Collection, this altar also had come from Birdoswald.

De(o) Soli / (Invi)cto / M(ith)r(a)e M(ar)/cus Liciniu(s) / Ripanus praef(ectus) v(otum) s(olvit).
To the Invincible Sun-god Mithras, Marcus Licinius Ripanus, prefect, willingly and deservedly fulfilled his vow.



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