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Publius Aelius Nigrinus

Priest of Mithras who dedicated an altar to Petra Genetrix in Carnuntum.

  • Altar to Petra Genetrix from Carnuntum

    Altar to Petra Genetrix from Carnuntum
    Ortolf Harl 

of Publius Aelius Nigrinus

TNMP 248

The small altar found in Carnuntum, which became the capital of Pannonia Superior in the 1st century, tells us that Aelius Nigrinus was a priest of Mithras. He chose to dedicate his monument to Petra Genetrix to fulfil his vow.


Altar to Petra Genetrix from Carnuntum

Aelius Nigrinus dedicated this small altar in Carnuntum to the rock from which Mithras was born.

TNMM 722

Petrae / Genetrici / P(ublius) Ael(ius) Nigri/nus sacerd(os) / v(otum) s(olvit).
To the Petra Genetrix, Publius Aelius Nigrinus, priest, has fulfilled his vow.



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