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Tihaljina is a town in southwestern Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Brothers active in Aufustianis


Mithraic monuments of Aufustianis


Altar of Tihaljina

This altar, discovered in Grude, near Tihaljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, bears an inscription by Pinnes, a soldier of the Cohors Prima Belgica.

CIMRM 1889

Inscriptions of Aufustianis

D(eo) I(nvicto) M(ithrae) a[c Ge]/niis sac[r(orum)] / Augusto[r(um)] / Rus(---) Pin(nes) mi/les / co(hortis) prim(ae) / Bel(garum) immunis / libens merito / posuit.
To the Unconquered God Mithras, [and to] the spirits of the sacred [emperors], Rusticus Pinnes, a soldier of the Cohors Prima Belgica, exempt from duties, willingly and deservedly set this up.

Altar of Tihaljina