Florius Florentius

Together with his nephew, he was a syndexios of the Mithraeum in Stockstadt.

  • Cautes of Stockstadt

    Cautes of Stockstadt
    Carole Raddato (CC BY-SA 2.0) 



His community
at Mithraeum of Stockstadt I


Other brothers from Saalburg


Mentioned in

Cautes and Cautopates of Stockstadt

Reliefs of Cautes and Cautopates dedicated by Florius Florentius of Saalburg and Ancarinius Severus

In honorem domus divinae Cauti et Cautopati Florius Florentius et Ancarinius Severus nepos votum solverunt libentes laeti merito Faustino et Rufino consulibus.
In honour of the divine house, at Cautes and Cautopates, Florius Florentius and Ancarinius Severus, his nephew, willingly, joyfully and justly fulfilled their vow, (Manius Acilius) Faus[tinus and (Aulus Triarius) Rufinus being consuls.

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