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Around 300 BC, Burdigala was the settlement of a Celtic tribe, the Bituriges Vivisci. The Romans conquered the area in 60 BC and made Burdigala the capital of the Roman province of Aquitania during the reign of Emperor Vespasian.

Mithraic monuments of Burdigala


Mithréum de Bordeaux

C’est en 1986, à l’occasion de la restructuration de l’ancien magasin Parunis, qu’une fouille de sauvetage archéologique fut réalisée cours Victor Hugo.


Aion altar of Bordeaux

The altar depicting a lion-headed figure from Bordeaux includes a sculpted ewer and a patera on the sides.


Cautopates de Bordeaux

The Cautopates of Bordeaux stands as usual with his legs crossed and arms down.


Aion of Bordeaux

[Por lo visto, no es un Aion y no hace parte del Mitreo de Bordeaux]