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In the 5th century BC, a Celtic refuge and place of worship was built on the Heiligenberg, or 'Holy Mountain'. In 40 AD a fort was built and occupied by the Romans.

Mithraic monuments of Heidelberg


Mithräum von Neuenheim

Only a small part of the Neuenheim Mithraeum has been excavated.

CIMRM 1282


Mithras riding a horse from Neuenheim

Mithras galloping, in a cypress forest, carrying a globe in one hand and accompanied by a lion and a snake.

CIMRM 1289


Tauroctony of Neuenheim

The Tauroctony relief of Neuenheim, Heidelberg, includes several scenes from the deeds of Mithras and other gods.

CIMRM 1283