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Ulpia Oescus

Oescus, Palatiolon or Palatiolum was an important ancient city on the Danube river in Roman Moesia.

Brothers active in Ulpia Oescus


Mithraic monuments of Ulpia Oescus


Altar of Tettius Plotus from Oescus

In the altar that Titus Tettius Plotus dedicated to the invincible God, he called himself pater sacrorum.

CIMRM 2252

Inscriptions of Ulpia Oescus

T(itus) Tettiu[s] / Plotu{u}[s] / vet(eranus) leg(ionis) II[II] / F(laviae) F(elix) p(ater) s(acrorum) d[ei] / Invicti [s(olvit)] / l(ibens) m(erito).
Titus Tettius Plotus, veteran of Legion IV Flavia Felix, father of the rites (pater sacrorum) of the invincible God, willingly and justly fulfilled his vow.

Altar of Tettius Plotus from Oescus