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Asturica Augusta

Astorga is a municipality and city of Spain located in the central area of the province of León, in the autonomous community of Castilla y León, 43 kilometres southwest of the provincial capital.

Brothers active in Asturica Augusta


Mithraic monuments of Asturica Augusta


Plaque of Astorga

This slab dedicated to the invincible god, Serapis and Isis by Claudius Zenobius was found in 1967 in the walls of the city of Astorga, Spain.

Inscriptions of Asturica Augusta

Invicto Deo / Serapidi et / Isidi / Cl(audius) Zenobius / Proc(urator) Aug(usti).
To the Unconquered God, to Serapis, and to Isis. Claudius Zenobius, Imperial Procurator.

Plaque of Astorga