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Claudius Zenobius

Procurator of Tarraconensis, he dedicated a monument to the Invincible God, Isis and Serapis in Asturica Augusta.

  • Plaque to the Unconquered God of Astorga

    Plaque to the Unconquered God of Astorga
    Géza Alföldy Diafilm 

of Claudius Zenobius

TNMP 253

He was procurator Augusti in the province of Hispania citerior at the end of the Severan period, probably between the first years of Caracalla’s rule and the end of Heliogabalus’ (c. 212-222). From this post of imperial procurator he was responsible for the financial administration of the whole territory – excluding the juridical convents of Bracara Augusta (Braga, Portugal) and Lucus Augusti (Lugo) which had become part of Hispania superior – with special attention to the convent of Asturica Augusta (Astorga), where the mining interests of the Roman State were concentrated, as was the case with the gold mining at Las Médulas.

The seat administered by this procurator of Hispania citerior may have been in Asturica itself and not in Tarraco, which would explain why Claudius Zenobius dedicated an altar to Isis and Serapis precisely in Astorga; this dedication of altars to different divinities in Asturica was a practice common to all these Hispanic procurators.


Plaque of Astorga

This slab dedicated to the invincible god, Serapis and Isis by Claudius Zenobius was found in 1967 in the walls of the city of Astorga, Spain.

TNMM 734

Invicto Deo / Serapidi et / Isidi / Cl(audius) Zenobius / Proc(urator) Aug(usti).
To the Unconquered God, to Serapis, and to Isis. Claudius Zenobius, Imperial Procurator.




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