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Sárkeszi is a village in Fejér county, Hungary.

Brothers active in Sárkeszi


Mithraic monuments of Sárkeszi


Mithraeum of Sárkeszi

The Sárkeszi mithraeum is unusual for its large dimensions and its semicircular eastern wall.


Tauroctony of Sárkeszi

In this relief found in the Sárkeszi Mithraeum, Cautes and Cautopates hold an Amazon shield.


Altar to Transitus from Sárkeszi

This is one of the altars erected by Septimius Valentinus, in this case, to the transitus of Mithras.

CIMRM 1811

Inscriptions of Sárkeszi

Tra(n)sit[u D(ei)] / Sep(timius) Va/lenti/nus / opt(io).
To the transit of the God, Septimius Valentinus, optio.

Altar to Transitus from Sárkeszi