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Ituro, now Cabrera de Mar, was an important trading town and the capital of the Laietani, an Iberian people, until Roman times.

Brothers active in Iluro


Mithraic monuments of Iluro


Mitreo de Cabrera de Mar

The Roman villa of Can Molodell had a sanctuary that has been related to the cult of Mithras.


Arula by Lucius Petreius of Cabrera de Mar

Small arula with mithraic inscription and dedication to Cautes from a garlic merchant.


Cilindric arula from Cabrera de Mar

Two slaves sign this small monument to Cautes.

Inscriptions of Iluro

K(auti) d(eo) / L(ucius) Petre/ius Vic/tor ali/arius / d(eo) K(auti) M(ithrae) / v(otum) s(olvit) l(ibens) m(erito).
To the god Cautes / Lucius Petreius Victor, garlic merchant, to the god Cautes Mithra, has fulfilled his promise willingly and in due form.

Arula by Lucius Petreius of Cabrera de Mar

K(auti) v(otum) s(olverunt) / Successus / Elaine / Caesaris
For Cautes. Successus and Elaine, Caesar's slaves, fulfilled their promise.

Cilindric arula from Cabrera de Mar