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Juliomagus Andecavorum

Angers is a city in western France, about 300 km southwest of Paris. Angers proper covers 42.

Brothers active in Juliomagus


Mithraic monuments of Juliomagus


Mithréum d’Angers

The Mithraeum or Angers contained numerous objects, including coins, oil lamps and a ceramic vessel engraved with a votive inscription to the invincible god Mithras.


Head of Mithras from Angers Mithraeum

The head of Mithras of Angers has been found a four months after the main relief.


Goblet of Angers

The spherical ceramic cup found at the Mithraeum in Angers bears an inscription to the unconquered god Mithras.

Inscriptions of Juliomagus

---]M [---]Deo[ inuic]to Mytrh[ae
]s Genialis ciues Ambian[in]us (or Ambian[ic]us) exuoto d[edit
frat]ribus, omni loco, [ N]ama!
--- To the unconquered god Mytrha, [...]s (? son of) Genialis, Ambian citizen, gave in accordance with his vow, for his brethren(, ) in all places [...]. Glory!

Goblet of Angers