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The Roman castrum Mogontiacum, the forerunner of Mainz, was founded by the Roman general Drusus around 10 BC. It was an important military town throughout the Roman period. The town of Mogontiacum grew up between the fort and the Rhine.

Brothers active in Mogontiacum


Mithraic monuments of Mogontiacum


Mithraic vessel of Mainz

The Mithraic vase from Ballplatz in Mainz shows seven figures performing different sequences of an initiation ritual.


Mithräum von Mainz

The Mithraeum of Mainz, was discovered outside the Roman legionary fortress. Unfortunately the site was destroyed without being recorded.


Altar to Mithras and Mars of Mainz

This altar has been unusually dedicated to both gods Mithras and Mars at Mogontiacum, present-day Mainz.

Inscriptions of Mogontiacum

D(eo) I(nvicto) M(ithrae) / et Marti / Secundini/us Amantius / cornicu(larius) / praef(ecti) leg(ionis) / XXII permi/ttente Pri/mulo patre / ex voto pos/uit l(ibens) l(aetus) m(erito).
To the Unconquered Sun God Mithras and Mars. Secundinius Amantius, cornicularius to the prefect of the 22nd Legion, with the permission of Primulus the Pater, dedicates this willingly in fulfilment of a vow.

Altar to Mithras and Mars of Mainz