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Freed from two other men, Eutyches dedicated an altar in Apulum to their health.

  • The Mithraeum in 2008

    The Mithraeum in 2008
    Apulum Mithraeum III Project 

  • Frontal view

    Frontal view
    Cristian Chirita 

of Euthyches

TNMP 121

Libertus of Marcus Aurelius Timotheus and Aurelius Maximus.

His name appears in two different ways from the same context: Euthices and Euthyces. This could be a mistake of the lapidarius himself, the epigraphic camp of the relief being more crowded and a HI ligature is more comfortable than an HY. We cannot reconstruct the event, when or how these objects were placed in a sanctuary, of if they were erected during the same event, however the text, the paleography of the inscriptions, suggests that they were made in the same workshop.

—Szabó (2018)


Mithraic stele from Alba Iulia

TNMM 257

Mithraic stele, from Alba Iulia, Romania, with inscription.

D(eo) S(oli) I(nvicto) M(ithrae) / pro salute inc/o{t}lumitate M(arci) Aur(eli) / Timotei et Aur(eli) M/aximi votum nun/cupavit solvitque / Euthyces eorum lib(ertus) / retulit.
To the invincible god Sol Mithras, [for the salvation and conser]vation of Marcus Aurelius Thimotheus and Marcus Aurelius Maximus, Euthyc(h)es, their freedman, [solemnly made a vow] and fulfilled it.



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