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Publius Aelius Mercurialis

Pater of Aquileia that devoted an altar to Mithras.

  • Altar of Aquileia to the brave god Mithras.

    Altar of Aquileia to the brave god Mithras.



Other brothers from Aquileia


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Altar of Aquileia to the brave god Mithras

This altar to Mithras found in Aquilieia mentions several persons of a same community.

Deo f(orti) i(nvicto) i(nvicto) M(ithrae) / P. Aelius / Mercur(ialis) / Q. Tessig/nius Maxi/mia(nus) patr(es) / pros(esedente) T(ito) Aur(elio) / Victore v(otum) s(olverunt) l(ibentes) m(erito).
To the brave (fortis) invincible god Mithras, Publius Aelius Mercurialis (and) Quintus Tessignius Maximianus, Patres, under the presidency of Titus Aurelius Victor, have willingly and rightly fulfilled their vow.

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