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Aquileia, now a small municipality in north-eastern Italy, was one of the largest cities in the world in the 2nd century AD, with a population of 100,000.

Mithraic monuments of Aquileia


Tauroctony of Aquileia

The relief of the Mithraic tauroctony of Aquiliea is currently on display in Vienna.



Altar of Aquileia to the brave god Mithras

This altar to Mithras found in Aquilieia mentions several persons of a same community.



Inscription by Cassianus of Aquilieia

This monument to the invincible god Mithras was inscribed on the façade of the church of Aiello deil Friuli, Aquileia.



Inscription by Velox of Aquileia

Marble slab with inscription by Velox for the salvation of the chief of the iron mines of Noricum.


Inscriptions of Aquileia

Deo f(orti) i(nvicto) i(nvicto) M(ithrae) / P. Aelius / Mercur(ialis) / Q. Tessig/nius Maxi/mia(nus) patr(es) / pros(esedente) T(ito) Aur(elio) / Victore v(otum) s(olverunt) l(ibentes) m(erito).
To the brave (fortis) invincible god Mithras, Publius Aelius Mercurialis (and) Quintus Tessignius Maximianus, Patres, under the presidency of Titus Aurelius Victor, have willingly and rightly fulfilled their vow.

Altar of Aquileia to the brave god Mithras

D(eo) i(nvicto) M(ithrae) / L. Sept(imius) Cas/sianus sig(nifer) / legionis IIIIII His(panae) / agens in lustro P. / Porci Fausti / p(rimi)p(ili) v(otum) p(osuit) l(ibens) m(erito).
To the invincible god Mithras, Lucius Septimius Cassianus, ensign-bearer of legion VI Hispana, agent in the transport of provisions (agens in lustro) directed by Publius Porcius Faustus, primipile, fulfilled his vow willingly and rightly.

Inscription by Cassianus of Aquilieia

Pro salute / Tiberi Claudi / Macronis con(ductoris) / fer(rariarum) Nor(icarum) Velox ser(vus) / vil(icus) spel(a)eum cum / omni apparatu fecit.
For the salvation of Tiberius Claudius Macro, head of the iron mines of Noricum, Velox, a slave steward, made the spelaeum with all his equipment.

Inscription by Velox of Aquileia