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Volusius Irenaeus

Dedicated a statue of Arimanius in Eboracum, now in the Yorkshire Museum.

  • Aion from York frontal view

    Aion from York frontal view
    Carole Raddato 

of Volusius Irenaeus


Volusius Irenaeus is one of the few followers of Mithras known to have dedicated a monument to the god Arimanius, also known as Aion or simply the lion-headed god. Arimanius is considered a romanized form of Ahriman, the main evil god of the Zoroastrian religion.


Aion of York

The statue of Arimanius/Ahriman was found in 1874 under the city wall of York during the construction of the railway station.

TNMM 250

Vol(usius) Iren[aeus] / Arimani v(otum) [s(olvens) l(ibens) / m(erito)] / d(ono) [ d(edit)]
Volusius Irenaeus, willingly and deservedly fulfilling his vow, gave this as a gift to Arimanes.



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