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Eboracum was a fort and later a city in the Roman province of Britannia. Two Roman emperors died in Eboracum: Septimius Severus in 211 AD, and Constantius Chlorus in 306 AD.

Brothers active in Eboracum


Mithraic monuments of Eboracum


Tauroctony of York

This stone in basso relief of Mithras killing the bull was found 10 foot underground in Micklegate York in 1747.



Aion of York

The statue of Arimanius/Ahriman was found in 1874 under the city wall of York during the construction of the railway station.


Inscriptions of Eboracum

Vol(usius) Iren[aeus] / Arimani v(otum) [s(olvens) l(ibens) / m(erito)] / d(ono) [ d(edit)]
Volusius Irenaeus, willingly and deservedly fulfilling his vow, gave this as a gift to Arimanes.

Aion of York