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Lucius Aelius Hylas

  • Tauroctony of Doştat

    Tauroctony of Doştat
    Ortolf Harl 

of Lucius Aelius Hylas



Tauroctony of Aelius Hylas from Doştat

TNMM 642

This monument bears an inscription by a certain Lucius Aelius Hylas, in which he associates Sol Invictus with Jupiter.

Io(vi) S(oli) invi(cto) / deo genitori / r(upe) n(ato).
L. Aeli(us) Hylas (vicesimarius) l(ibertus) pr(o) sa(lute) et Horientis (sic) fil(ii) sui et Apuleia(e) eius signum numinis cum absidata / ex voto pos(uit).
To Jupiter Sol invincible, god progenitor born of rock.
Lucius Aelius Hylas, collector of the twentieth tax, freed, for his health, that of his son Horiens and (his wife) Apuleia, following a vow, had the image of the divinity placed with the niche.



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