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  • Monumentum

    Tauroctony of Dardagan

    The relief of Mithras killing the bull, found near Zvornik in Bosnia and Herzegovina, features some variations on the usual scene.


    From Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Monumentum

    Mithraic stele from Alba Iulia

    Mithraic stele, from Alba Iulia, Romania, with inscription.

    TNMM257 – CIMRM 1937

    From Romania

    D(eo) S(oli) I(nvicto) M(ithrae) / pro salute inc/o{t}lumitate M(arci) Aur(eli) / Timotei et Aur(eli) M/aximi votum nun/cupavit solvitque / Euthyces eorum lib(ertus) / retulit.
  • Monumentum

    Altar of Hermadio from Tibiscum

    This altar was erected by Hermadio, who also signed other monuments in Dacia and even in Rome.

    TNMM579 – CIMRM 2153

    From Romania

    S(oli) I(nvicto) N(umini) M(ithrae) / pro salute / P(ubli) Ael(i) Mari / Hermadio / act(or) Turran(i) / Dii v(otum) s(olvit) l(ibens) m(erito).
  • Syndexios

    Veturius Dubitatus

    Veteran and ex duplicarius of ala I civum Romanorum who dedicated an altar to Mithras in Teutoburgium.
  • Monumentum

    Cautes of Transylvania

    There are no further details about this Mithraic statue from Transylvania, the historical region of central Romania.

    TNMM705 – CIMRM 2185

    From Romania

  • Monumentum

    Tauroctony of Aelius Maximus of Turda

    This small relief of Mithras killing the bull was found in 1859 in Turda, in the Cluj region of Romania.

    TNMM668 – CIMRM 1920, 1921

    From Romania

    Ael(ius) Maximus miles / leg(ionis) V Mac(edonicae) v(otum) s(olvit) l(ibens) p(osuit).
  • Monumentum

    Tauroctony of Aurelios Stephanos from Sibiu

    This relief of Mithras killing the bull is unique in the Apulum Mithraic repertoire because of its inscription in Greek.

    TNMM667 – CIMRM 2002

    From Romania

    Αὐρήλι(ο)ς Στέφανος θεῷ Μίθρᾳ / εὐχαριστήρι(ο)ν.
  • Monumentum

    Altar of Chrestion from Alba Iulia

    In 1852, Károly Pap, a naval captain, unearthed several Mithraic monuments in his garden at Marospartos, including this altar.

    TNMM666 – CIMRM 1945

    From Romania

    Invicto / Mythir/ae Chr/estion / v(otum) s(olvit).
  • Monumentum

    Tauroctony of Alba Iulia with collared dog

    This relief of Mithras killing the bull from Apulum, now Alba Iulia, Romania, contains several scenes from the Mithras legend.

    TNMM664 – CIMRM 1972

    From Romania

  • Locus


    Potaissa was a castra in the Roman province of Dacia, located in today's Turda, Romania.