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Venetonimagus, now Vieu, part of the town of Valromey, would have been called Venetonimagus or Venetonimago in Gallo-Roman times.
Incrition of Caius Rufius Virilis

Incrition of Caius Rufius Virilis
The New Mithraeum / Andreu Abuín (CC BY-SA) 

Brothers active in Venetonimagus


Mithraic monuments of Venetonimagus


Mithraeum de Valromey

This temple of Mithras has been discovered under the Church in Vieux-en-Val-Romey, in 1869.



Altar of Vieu

This altar was dedicated by a son to his father, one of the few Patres Patrum recorded in the western provinces.


Inscriptions of Venetonimagus

Dei i(nvicti) / M(ithrae) Patri Patru/m C(aio) Ru[t(io)] / Eutacto / C(aius) R(ufius) Viri/lis fil(ius).
Caius Rufius Virilis, his son, for Caius Rufius Euctatus, Pater Patrum of the invincible god Mithras.

Altar of Vieu