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Caere is the Latin name given by the Romans to one of the larger cities of southern Etruria, modern Cerveteri, some 50-60 kilometres north-west of Rome.

Brothers active in Caere


Mithraic monuments of Caere


Heliodromus inscription of Cerveteri

This inscription by a certain Memmius Placidus is the first ever found signed by a Heliodromus.

Inscriptions of Caere

[Deo Soli Invic]/[to Mi]thrae / [Mem]mius Pla/cidus helio/dromus sacr/atus a Curtio / Iuvenale patre / votum [solvit] / [libens merito].
To the Invincible Sun God Mithras, Memmius Placidus, Heliodromus, initiated by Curtius Juvenalis, Pater, fulfilled his vow willingly and deservedly.

Heliodromus inscription of Cerveteri