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Marino has been inhabited by Latin tribes since the 1st millennium BC. During the Roman Republic it was a summer resort for Roman patricians who built luxurious villas in the area.

Brothers active in Marino


Mithraic monuments of Marino


Mitreo di Marino

The Mithraeum of Marino is the longest temple devoted to Mithras know hitherto.


Fresco Tauroctony of Mitreo di Marino

The importance of the Mithraeum of Marino lies in its frescoes, the most significant of which is that of Mithras slaying the bull, surrounded by mythological scenes.


Altar in Mitreo di Marino

The monument is engraved with an inscription by Cresces, the donor.

Inscriptions of Marino

Invicto Ideo / Cresces / actor / Alfi / Seberi / d(onum) p(osuit).
To the Invincible God, Cresces, administrator of Alfius Severus, placed as a donation.

Altar in Mitreo di Marino